A.R.E. Commercial Caps


A.R.E. DCU commercial aluminum caps feature a .035 aluminum exterior skin for superior protection. Full-length side door and folding T-handles give this commercial cap spectacular ease of use.


A.R.E. DCU MAX commercial aluminum caps feature a .063 aluminum exterior skin with a welded aluminum frame for maximum protection. Made in America, this commercial cap brings sturdiness and reliability to the next level.

Diamond Edition DCU

A.R.E. Diamond Edition DCU aluminum caps have a .063 diamond plated aluminum exterior skin for the ultimate cap when it comes to protection and reliability. With full-length side doors, welded aluminum frame, and folding T-handles, this commercial cap can handle any job.

HD Series

There has never been a stronger, more durable fiberglass truck cap than the new HD Series. Available for the CX and MX Series cap profiles, the HD Series features an internal skeleton that triples the weight capacity of the roof rack and side toolboxes. If you test the limits of your truck and need your cap to be up for the challenge, the HD Series truck cap is the only choice!

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